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By | October 23, 2021

Ads are probably one of the most annoying things for us when enjoying the content on Youtube. Nothing can describe the discomfort of interrupting the video we are watching to listen to information that we are not interested in. If you want to end these annoyances, you will need a tool called Youtube Vanced Moddroid. Now, let’s read on discover!

What Is Youtube Vanced Moddroid?

Moddroid Youtube Vanced is a modified version (also known as a mod) of the Youtube application you often use. Vancedapp created this application, a group of developers to remove the annoying barriers that Youtube creates to profit from users. 

Youtube Vanced Moddroid

Until now, Youtube Vanced still regularly receives updates and patches and has a large user community to support each other. 

Features Of Youtube Vanced Moddroid

Unlike the original version, the application from Vancedapp possesses some handy features to make the video viewing experience even better. Revamped by Moddroid, free to use.

Completely remove ads

The first outstanding feature and the reason why many people come to Youtube Vanced is to block annoying advertising information completely. All cannot disturb us, from ads that collect data by clicking on the box to static banners. 

That’s why we will no longer have to worry about constantly opening the Youtube application to turn off ads while focusing on other things.

Picture in picture mode

YouTube Vanced

Usually, we will spend an entire period surfing through our favorite videos. However, if you have to do something significant but still don’t want to miss the part you are watching, Picture in picture mode will help you.

This mode will shrink the video being played back into a small window to make room for most of the area for other tasks. 

From there, it allows us to work and enjoy our favorite video clips continuously. 

In the regular version of Youtube, you cannot enable this feature. However, in the Advanced version, just a tiny operation is enough.

Listen to music without opening the screen

Users not only choose Youtube to watch clips but also listen to their favorite songs. However, it will be a waste of energy if we turn on the screen only to hear the sound and not see the Picture.

With the regular Youtube application, you will need to pay a fee to use the feature that allows the screen to be turned off while the music is still playing. 

But if we use Youtube Vanced, we can comfortably turn off the screen or access an application and still hear the sound as usual.

Not only that, not having to open the screen will help the battery run out longer, thereby increasing the device’s usage time.

Adjust volume, brightness by swiping

With just one swipe up, we can easily adjust the brightness of the video we are watching without changing the whole device’s brightness.

With a similar sound, a horizontal swipe is more than enough to control the volume up and down to your liking. 

Although not too complicated, the support for swiping will make the control process faster and more convenient.

Powerful Customization

With Youtube Vanced APK IOS, you will easily customize the elements in the interface to your liking, an aspect that the original application does not have.

If the like or dislike bar stuns the view, it can be easily hidden. If you don’t like the default white screen because it’s too dazzling, switch to the “dark mode” available in Vanced.

In addition, you also have the freedom to adjust video-related factors such as picture quality, sound, or playback. 

Where To Download Youtube Vanced?

Although not an application distributed through CHplay, there are still many ways to download Youtube Vanced to your device. You can use apk files distributed on official forums to install like regular apps.

Besides, Vancedapp also provides us a launcher to download Youtube Vanced and other related applications.

Which Devices Can Use Youtube Vanced Moddroid?

Unlike many other applications that allow customizing Youtube, Youtube Vanced does not require root permission. So whether your device has Rooted or not, it can still be installed, or in other words, all phones can use this application.

As for iOS devices, the application still does not support this platform.


Youtube Vanced is a more groundbreaking version with many customizations that allow you to optimize the experience better than when using the regular version of Youtube. Although there are still some bugs, this application is still worthy to install on the device.

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