Top 9 Apps Like Klarna In 2021: Reviews & Features

By | October 25, 2021

When it comes to paying later shopping apps, Klarna is one of the top choices of shopaholics. This app allows you to buy anything you want from online stores and pay for them later. 

With the rapid increase of online shopping demand, more and more apps like Klarna appear. They also offer flexible payment options and many good deals for online shoppers. Let’s check out the 9 best alternatives for Klarna to get the best offers from different stores. 

Top 9 Apps Like Klarna For Online Shoppers

Here is the list of 9 alternative shopping apps for Klarna for those who like the “buy now, pay later” service. 

#1. Afterpay


If you like the installment option of Klarna, you may also select Afterpay. 

After shopping with this app, you can make your payment in four installments without interest. You will pay for each installment in 2 weeks, so the time is quite comfortable for you to prepare your finances. 

Besides, you will have a chance to shop in more than 12,000 online stores. However, you need to make timely payments for your previous purchase to get approval for shopping. 

#2. Affirm


Affirm is a familiar partner of large shopping chains such as Walmart, Casper, or Wayfair. Now they have served online shoppers with the shopping app of the same name with many appealing offers.

With Affirm, you can walk around thousands of online stores to satisfy your passion for shopping. This app also offers 0% APR for some customers. 

Affirm doesn’t set a floor credit score to qualify users. But you will get a soft credit check to be able to make purchases in this app. 

Your credit score will be the basis for Affirm to calculate the interest rate. The more credit score you have, the lower the interest rate you get for your installments. 

However, other than the US, other countries have not yet supported this app.

#3. Sezzle


Sezzle is another platform providing the “buy now, pay later” service. The way it works is similar to Klarna and Afterpay. They simplify your shopping with interest-free installments. 

The app will verify you with a lean credit check before permitting you to shop. You will have to pay 25% of the total bill after you confirm your purchase. 

Sezzle will divide the remaining into three installments for you to pay in 6 weeks. You won’t have to spend a dime for interest if you make these payments within the due. 

#4. Quadpay


If you look for an app offering flexible payment options like Klarna, you can consider Quadpay. 

Like other paying later shopping apps, Quadpay will perform a soft credit check each time you shop in the app. 

It also lets you pay later with four installments. Each of them will be due in a fortnight, and if you fail to pay in time, you may not get approval for shopping with the app. 

#5. Laybuy


If you want to shop online with high reliability, Laybuy is a recommended shopping app. In this online marketplace, you will find a wide variety of housing and fashion items. 

This app lets you pay your expenses in six installments. You will pay the first installment at checkout and the remaining five in the next five weeks. 

However, Laybuy is available for New Zealand only. Also, you must have cards from a New Zealand bank to shop in this app.

#6. PayPal Credit 


Paypal is a familiar app to transfer or receive payments, and now it also serves your shopping needs.

This app will provide you with a revolving credit card linking with your Paypal account. You can purchase with the reusable credit line in your account and pay later in a fixed due. 

Paypal Credit will be a convenient app if you have used Paypal. But you should pay attention to the interest rate in this app as it’s relatively high. 

However, Paypal Credit only charges interest for bills under $99. If you succeed at making all the payments in 6 months, you can benefit from the free-interest offer. 

#7. Perpay


Perpay works a bit differently from the other apps in this list. 

You won’t get a soft credit check but need to make a profile in the app. Then, it will inform your spending limit estimation that usually ranges from $500 to $2,500.

After that, you can freely pick anything you like from thousands of online vendors. Once you confirm your purchase, you have to pay an installment.

Perpay will deduct the rest automatically from your paychecks. In this way, you won’t have to worry about overdue payments.

#8. Splitit


With Splitit, “buy now, pay later” shopping is much more convenient. This app allows you to purchase with your credit card without applying for a line of credit.  

When shopping in this app, you can add products to the cart and select Splitit in the list of payment options. 

Also, you can determine how many installments you will pay for the total bill. Then, you will get these installments deducted automatically from your card every month. 

Both credit cards and debit cards are applicable for purchasing with Splitit. However, if you use a debit card, the purchase limitation is $400. 

#9. ViaBill 

The list of alternatives to Klarna wouldn’t be complete without ViaBill. More than 5,500 sites list this platform as one of their payment options. 

To use ViaBill, you need to get approval by entering personal information such as email, phone numbers, and credit card numbers.  

Like Klarna, ViaBill split your total purchasing cost into four installments. It will charge you the first one when you check out and the remaining in the next three months. 


Above are 9 apps like Klarna that every online shopper should know. “Buy now, pay later” shopping is very convenient. We hope that you will have the best experiences when shopping online with these apps.

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