Top 8 Apps Like Pinterest You Can Use Instead

By | October 25, 2021

The big reason Pinterest can dominate the market is that people can share content personalized and creatively. From cooks to photographers, everyone is free to show off their passion.

Pinterest’s increasing popularity has opened up chances for other apps to offer curated, high-quality content suiting viewers’ interest.

Indeed, users sometimes find it hard to search for particular content on Pinterest. That’s why they’re looking for related apps that have communities for specific subjects, like fashion, photography, or design.

There are loads of apps like Pinterest catering content for food bloggers, designers, photographers, and users from different fields. So, time to seek top-notch alternatives to Pinterest!

The Best Apps Like Pinterest To Try

We Heart It

We Heart It

Availability: Android and iOS

‘We Heart It’ is the top choice for those desiring the descendants of Tumblr and Pinterest. The app offers users a place to freely express themselves and share almost everything, like melodramatic quotes, cat pictures, landscapes, cute outfits, or food.

The majority of university girls and teenagers are particularly into it. Are you looking for Pinterest-like apps aimed at girls and young women? ‘We Heart It’ is the way to go.



Availability: iOS and Android

Here comes a visual content platform specially designed for designers.

This application provides a Pin-like “Shots” feature. Users can produce a “Shot” that contains a JPG or PNG format image.

Also, it supports animated GIF-based images, which means you can store your shots in GIF files. When producing a “Shot,” the app will ask you to enter the title, tags, and descriptions.

Besides, Dribbble enables creators to filter their designs using its tool or their own image colors. More importantly, it lets designers sell their artwork.

The app includes a job bar section where users can search for design jobs. Also, if you intend to find a designer, post the available job on Dribbble. Despite being less popular than Pinterest, this app provides more helpful features.


Availability: Web, browsers, apps (iOS and Android).

Juxtapost seems to be a Pin-like knockoff yet in a positive way. At the time, many people considered it a better app, eliminating the drawbacks existing in Pinterest, like invite-only membership, exporting content, lack of privacy, and more.

When Pinterest successfully caught up, the app witnessed a decrease in its many distinguishing features. Regardless of this loss, the Jutaxpost-loving community still goes on developing.

The “More Like This” button is one of its most compelling features. For example, when you’re surfing a page and find a new recipe, you can tap that button so that more tasty recipes pop out.

Also, the app will help categorize and tag posts in various ways, making it much easier to explore new content you’re interested in.


Availability: Android

Mix is a customized discovery platform for everyone to pick up interesting things and have fun like Pinterest. Here, there are plenty of subjects to discover, from philosophy to food recipes to art.

The plus point is that Mix features curated content, automatically classifying posts into specific categories. You can choose to browse the general catalog or only select sections.

What makes this website different from other Pin-like apps is that the result is not only images.

Each photo is attached with a post or article. So, you’ll have a reading list with new, awesome info without encountering any posts you find boring.


Availability: Apple and Android

Another popular app that bears a resemblance to Pinterest focusing on designing is Houzz.

Is interior design to your liking? Are you into home designing? We bet you’ll be nuts about Houzz – the app limited to furniture design.

You can discover a broad collection of pictures or photos relating to home design and add your favorites to the interest list.

Also, the website allows users to add their photo collections to a specific platform and share their ideas with other designers.


Availability: iOS

Next, we’ve brought a gender-specific app to the table – DudePins. While Pinterest basically engages with a female crowd, this app’s target users are the other gender, or we can say DudePins is the guys’ app.

Here, boys can view pictures, watch videos, and share men’s things with others.

They can meet and interact with other guys sharing the same interests and hobbies on a specific platform. Though the central users are men, it doesn’t mean females can’t access DudePins.

The fascinating part is that the app features a user-friendly interface and helps categorize content in nice order. Whether you’re a girl or boy, you can easily find your stuff and catch up with any current trend or style.



Availability: Android

Pearltrees is an amazing hub for sharing all your interests. You can both add URLs, documents, and photos and take web pages’ snippets, adding to your collections utilizing Pearltrees’ browser extension.

When creating a range of collections, users can organize them with sub-collections as per their needs. Once you add a new item, the website will provide similar collections created by others.

This app offers storage of 1GB for free, yet you’ll need to pay for a premium subscription to enjoy extra storage and valuable features.


Availability: iOS and Web

As the name hints, FoodGawker is a fantastic site for foodies and food bloggers, or you can say it’s a Pinterest version for foods.

If you can’t resist the temptation to view, take, and post pictures of eye-catching, delicious foods, FoodGawker is the right app for you – the app that makes you hungry.

Here, you can learn a lot about foods, like different food combinations or presentations. Along with beautiful pictures, the website also consists of delicious recipes uploaded by other cooks, experts, or fancy foodies.

The Bottom Line

Undeniably, Pinterest is among the best sites to find pictures of specific interests with appealing content curation.

However, if you desire to refresh your daily source of images and expand your access, there is an abundance of apps like Pinterest that you can try.

Believe us. If you’re a sucker for Pinterest’s content curation advantages or layout, you’ll surely love the sites recommended above.

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