Top 6 Apps Like APKpure You Can Replace For Android

By | October 23, 2021

You usually use APKPure to download apps to your Android device. But there are too many opinions that it is not safe for your device. Is this true? The article will help you answer that question. At the same time, this article also introduces you to the 6 best apps like APKPure on Android. 

What Is APKpure?


Before answering the question “Is APKPure safe?” you need to know what APKPure is.

APKPure is one of the great apps for Android users. It allows users of this device to download new apps, and it also helps them find and download older or discontinued versions of apps.

Although it has received many good reviews, recently, experts have discovered malicious code in the application. Is it safe to continue using this application, or is it necessary to replace other applications?

Is APKPure safe?

“When you use the APKPure, you take risks” is the answer to this question.

Recently, there have been a lot of negative reviews from APKPure users. They reflect that the app has arbitrarily advertised right at their lock screen.

Experts also discovered malicious code in this application that took user data without their consent. In addition, the expert also warned that there are many cases where malicious code will arbitrarily download malicious software that poses many risks to users.

Security and privacy are always issues that not only experts but also users are very concerned about.

However, unlike the Google Play Store app available in Android devices, APKPure in particular and third-party apps are not secure.

The Google Play Store will proactively scan the apps you want to download for malicious code and security risks and notify you. In contrast, apps like APKPure do not support this process.

The good news is that now, APKPure has gradually improved and somewhat makes you feel secure when using it. However, if you still have doubts about the above problems of APKPure, we will suggest a few applications to replace APKPure using Android devices. 

Top 6 “APKpure” Replacement Apps For Android Operating System

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

The first app we want to recommend to you is the Google Play Store. It must be evident because, as mentioned above, the Google Play Store will be an application that can almost give you complete peace of mind when using.

Usually, this application will be pre-installed in devices using the Android operating system instead of APKPure.

However, you may like the particular uses of APKPure: download old or discontinued app versions, you will find APKPure to download again. If so, you should use it at your own risk. In contrast, the Google Play Store often updates itself with new versions of applications.

Also, in some cases, you buy an old device, and it already has APKPure, you can delete it and download the Google Play Store to use.



According to experts, APKMirror has not been considered an app store but more like an app store. The applications here are almost free, and you can freely download them.

Like APKPure, it also has a lot of apps, and some apps aren’t in the Google Play Store. However, if you use APKMirror, your apps will still receive updated versions from the Google Play Store. For that reason, the best user reviews for it are the games included in this application.

Maybe APKMirror won’t give you the complete buying experience. However, this is an excellent application if you know what you are looking for specifically or want to roll back to a previous version of the software.

In particular, when using APKMirror, you will no longer have to worry about safety or security. Users have given excellent feedback on this app. You can rest assured when using APKMirror as an alternative to APKPure.


F Droid

The third app you can use instead of APKPure is F-Droid.

As the name suggests, this is an application for the central Android operating system. Although it is an old app store, it is still very reliable and used by many people.

Customers rate F-droid as an additional store of apps not available on the Google Play Store. F-droid uses open source code, and every application on this platform is also open source. You can find different alternatives on it.

F-Droid is a neat and convenient app store. You can rest assured when using it instead of APKPure.

Amazon AppStore

Amazon AppStore is our following recommendation for you.

Like Google Play Store, Amazon is an application store with many types of famous and popular applications.

It is also the app store on all Amazon Fire devices. It used to be Amazon Prime Video’s sole platform and contained all of Amazon’s home apps.

You can safely use Amazon AppStore instead of APKPure because it gives you more benefits than disadvantages. If you want to use multiple app stores simultaneously, the Amazon AppStore perfectly lets you do that. It can run concurrently with other app stores on your device.

While not fully optimized, this is still a platform you should try out.


Although not like an app store technically, APKUpdater still has the necessary functions to replace APKPure.

Using APKUpdater, your apps will automatically update to new versions without going through another app. Getting downloads from various app sources will allow you to get up-to-date versions as quickly as possible.

Although you will not have much trouble using APKUpdater because it still gives you a complete and convenient application store, your experience will not be as comprehensive as an actual app store.


The last app store we’d recommend is Aptoide.

As one of the oldest stores of the 6 names we recommend in this article, Aptoide still has modern and popular applications today.

However, Aptoide does not manage users well. They did not strictly require it because violent games for adults were not warned and prevented for young children.

To use Aptoide without worrying about security, you need to use an antivirus package. However, you will not need to create an account when using Aptoide, so the security issues of many people will not affect you much.


The above article has given you the answer that APKPure is safe and recommends the 6 best apps like APLpure. We hope you choose the most suitable alternative for your Android device.

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