[Top 6] Best App Like Aptoide for Android & iOS in 2021

By | October 25, 2021

Aptoide is an application that many people love. However, it is not the most attractive option for everyone. Therefore, many users have searched for another app like Aptoide.

You can do many cool things with the apps in our article, such as downloading your preferred applications, managing your app store, trying out new apps that have not gone viral yet, and authorizing apps you desire. 

Let’s check it out!

Top 6 Apps Like Aptoide For Android And iOS

Here are 6 apps like Aptoide that you should have a try. Each application has its characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. 

#1. VShare


VShare is among the most effective Aptoide alternatives accessible on the Android and iOS platforms. If you’re seeking Android or iOS apps, you’ll most likely be able to find what you’re looking for on vShare. 

This app seems like a store that shows the best applications for you depending on your behaviors, interests, and trends. If you want additional choices, you may also get the complete edition of vShare, including unique benefits. 

You don’t need to register for applications to utilize vShare, which you can download without difficulty. If you enjoy Aptoide, you’ll enjoy vShare since it also offers a large number of categories. 

Photography, productivity, communication, media, travel, lifestyle, and more are just a few of the topics you’ll discover in this app. Games are also accessible on vShare, and they are organized by category. 

#2. PandaApp


PandaApp is another Aptoide-like application. This one is a third-party app store that is comparable to Aptoide, but it’s highly user-friendly. You’ll be able to swiftly seek the programs you want and download them to the iPhone with ease. 

PandaApp also includes music, as you may notice. This feature is great since you can search for your favorite music and the typical applications. PandaApp has over 5000 applications, so you’ll have more than enough to choose from. 

Moreover, you can also acquire wallpapers and other goodies on PandaApp, which will appeal to those who enjoy Aptoide’s ease of use, as well as its layout and design.

#3. iFunBox

If you are searching for something similar to Aptoide, try iFunBox, accessible for PC and Mac. This software works as a file manager by allowing you to see the structure of files. 

You only need your iOS device’s charging cord for this. On any iOS device, users can transfer, copy, and backup applications. This software turns your Apple device into a USB backup system. 

The iFunBox isn’t a jailbreak program or a third-party app store, but it is an attractive way to get new apps on your iPhone or iPad. It is straightforward to use, just as Aptoide, and the interface design is quite helpful and tidy.

This application will operate quickly and efficiently, making it easier to manage all your applications and gadgets without occupying too much time.

#4. Zeusmos


Zeusmos is another software similar to Aptoide that we will discuss. This application will allow you to install Android and iOS devices programs and give you a free code for its applications.

It means you’ll be able to install whatever and whenever you desire without any difficulties. Moreover, Zeusmos is one of the most widely used third-party app stores. 

The interface design is straightforward to use, making it comparable to Aptoide when it comes to ease of use. Although this app was free years ago, it has become a charged third-party app store currently. 

Because Zeusmos has grown in popularity, the business has chosen to charge roughly $5. Don’t be concerned since it is a bargain considering many Android and iOS devices programs. 

Because this is also a paid third-party app store, you’ll receive many features that you won’t find on other free third-party platforms. So, let’s check it out if possible!

#5. HappyMod

This app becomes unique because it only provides “modified” programs rather than original ones. It sells modded applications, which are APK files that have been changed to add new features or remove the restrictions from the original program. 

For instance, advertisements in games can be eliminated, in-game currency may be limitless, and users may get a forever trial period’s length of time.

HappyMod is not a suitable alternative for software producers because of these beliefs, and we do not promote it to customers.

However, App users have a wide range of options for avoiding the micro-transactions promoted by mobile applications and games.

#6. 25PP

Finally, when it comes to apps like Aptoide, we cannot forget 25PP. It is a comparable app store to AppCake and vShare. 

The distinction between 25PP and these apps is that 25PP includes several apps that are only available on this platform, making it so unique and has a solid stand on the market. 

The only major drawback to this program is that it does not translate everything into English. Thus there are still many Chinese characters on its site, and you’ll need to unlock the 25PP before running it. 

However, you will appreciate the high-quality applications and many apps available through this store. 25PP is now even more incredible because it comes with jailbreaking software, so it is more than cracked applications from Google Play or iTunes. 

Once you’ve downloaded the 25PP, you’ll be able to change the language to English, but much of the data will be in Vietnamese until then.

As a result, you may need a translator to determine what the site and download links are saying. Overall, if you like Aptoide’s user-friendliness, you’ll enjoy 25PP.

Final Thoughts

Every app like Aptoide on this list will provide excellent alternatives to installing an app store on your smartphone and downloading the apps you want with ease.

After reading this article, we hope you can find an ideal one for your user experience, which offers something that Aptoide may lack.

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