7 Apps Like WhatsApp [Secure & Private Options]

By | October 25, 2021

WhatsApp is fantastic messaging software, but it does have several flaws. Many users have been concerned about their security and searched for other apps like WhatsApp.  

WhatsApp promises to encrypt every communication received or sent, but it shares users’ data with third parties. Therefore, this article will satisfy you with the most secure and private communication apps. 

Top-Rated 7 Best Apps Like WhatsApp In 2021

Here are 7 secure and private apps that will protect your conversation.

#1. Signal


Signal is a freeware app that works across all mobile devices and offers excellent encryption. Signal, like any other texting application, is relatively easy to use. You will not miss WhatsApp when using this option because it also has video calling and voice texting. 

Signal comes with desktop software, allowing you to use it on your PC and your smartphone. Only the receiver and sender can read the messages since they are encrypted. 

Of course, hackers are unable to read those. Signal employs open-source encryption, allowing specialists to evaluate it and identify flaws. This characteristic increases the app’s security. 

Users can opt for having messages automatically deleted by specifying a period. Although someone has access to your device, this feature will ensure privacy. 

Animated emojis aren’t available in Signal, so you absolutely can import emojis from your smartphone into the app.

#2. Threema


Threema guarantees privacy and anonymity. Of course, your phone will store your group information and contact lists, not by the app. You can remove messages from the system as soon as you send them. 

Rather than using a phone number, you may communicate with others using an 8-digit ID, which protects your privacy even more. Moreover, users will get personalized QR codes to verify contacts. 

This app encrypts all sorts of messages, including SMS, voice conversations, shared group chats, and files, from beginning to end. It even secures your status updates so that no one can see what you’re saying. 

Only you and your intended recipient have access to messages. This software, like WhatsApp, has formatting options and the ability to transmit files and locations. 

Unlike WhatsApp, users can safely use Threema in the browser, create polls, and provide “like” comments on personal messages.

You may also password-protect and conceal specific chats. Threema is headquartered in Switzerland, a country recognized for its pro-privacy legislation.

#3. Telegram


One of the most popular apps like WhatsApp is Telegram, with over 200 million users. This cloud-based software is compatible with a variety of devices. 

It employs a double-tick mechanism, similar to WhatsApp, to determine when someone has got a notification.

The app has standard end-to-end security for voice communication, guaranteeing that nobody can listen to your conversations. 

By nature, only its “Secret” conversations are safe. Merely cloud-based security is used for standard one-to-one messaging, channels, and group chats. 

Your communications will be kept on Telegram’s systems (and potentially available to anyone to hack the system). 

Just like Signal, this app allows you to erase a communication after a specified amount of time has passed. It also allows you to share multimedia files.

#4. Riot.IM

It has video calling and VoIP capabilities, as well as communication encryption from start to end. Each user is assigned a unique ID, used with a mobile number to safeguard their privacy. 

It allows people to engage with the program, increasing its flexibility and security. Riot is more suitable for developers than corporate entities because of its open-sourced characteristics. 

Riot offers many public group chats that users may access. It also has private rooms that you may access via a connection.

Furthermore, the desktop version features a user-friendly design and is accessible in seven different languages. It also allows users to connect to other programs effortlessly.

#5. Wire

Another secure messaging software is Wire, with the highest encryption protected by European record retention regulations. It provides free private accounts as well as premium business options with more features and support. 

Video and voice conversations are crystal clear with Wire, allowing you to share your screen with one person or a group. You can share multimedia content and filter sounds when using this app. 

You may log in to your account from up to eight synced gadgets available for popular platforms. Within conversations, you can bold and italicize text, as well as create lists. 

Reducing file sizes for easier sharing and setting timers to erase communications for extra privacy will become more straightforward with Wire.

#6. Dust

Dust is an excellent choice if you want to protect your information as safely as possible but is less popular than Telegram or Signal.

Aside from E2E encryption, this application has a security feature that allows users to mask their online footprints.

Moreover, a surveillance system that notifies you immediately if someone tries to hack your credentials. Messages (or “dusts”) will immediately disappear from your device after a day.

Moreover, conversation history will automatically disappear from the servers. With only one press, you can erase messages on all sides of the discussion, and you can join up using your phone number.

Dust has a social component to it, where you can make friends and give blasts, but you do not have to do so if you want to use only the messaging tool. 

Unfortunately, this platform only supports file sharing and messaging, which might be a deal-breaker if users need a more comprehensive solution.

#7. Viber

This software secures your data (texts, video chats, and audio calls) with standard E2E encryption, whether in one-on-one discussions or group activity. 

Viber, like Telegram, provides public channels named Communities, where users may send solely encrypted messages. This feature keeps data safe while it is in transit.

However, once it is on the servers, it is accessible to Viber and any other community member, allowing newcomers to see all backlogs. 

Viber’s security features also include the ability to establish self-destructing durations for messages, edit and erase messages with a single tap on all devices, and get alerts or ban anyone who screenshots your Secret Chat, which is only available in iOS.

Final Thoughts

If you’re seeking the best apps like WhatsApp, our reviews are the most excellent options. So, give these WhatsApp alternatives a try and let us know which instant messaging app is your favorite one.

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