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For some reason, Google Play doesn’t allow you to download apps you like. But don’t worry too much because ModDroid app will help you solve this problem. It is an app store that has great alternatives to Google Play. Let’s find out about this app.


About ModDroid App

Is an app store that has great alternatives to Google Play. supports users to download apps that are not available on Google Play. Currently, offers a lot of applications and games. And the app does not require registration. 

Coming to, you can easily download the software completely free, fast, and safe. 

In fact, Google Play will limit a lot of apps that allow your Android device to download. But with apps, you are supported to access and download these applications quickly.

When using app, you can find everything you want, from apps, games, tools to device wallpapers.

With downloaded apps, APP allows you to manage updates so you can enjoy the best features of the app. Another great feature is that you can reuse older versions that you want. Thus, you can compare the versions with each other and choose the one that best suits your needs.

In short, if you’re looking for an app that isn’t available or doesn’t want to download through Google Play, ModDroid is the app for you.

About ModDroid App


  • Offers multiple applications
  • Custom store 
  • Rollback function 
  • Free


  • App quality is lower than Google Play

Features of “ModDroid Download”

Is an app store that includes many small stores. Here you can easily find everything suitable for your phone version from the app, games, background images,…

Easy to use

It is easy to use, you can search and manage any installed application. The app has the same installation speed as Google Play, managing versions through Rollback.

Other features

  • Share apps with people 
  • Easy to use 
  • Rollback-friendly visual interface that controls updates.
  • Multi-store Integration 
  • Game Mod unlimited
  • App Mod unlimited
  • Load Manager Integration

Features of "ModDroid Download"

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in questions related to the APP, refer to the information below

Is ModDroid safe?

Is safe, of course. The app has long been seen as the perfect replacement for Google Play with millions of users. If ModDroid wasn’t safe, it wouldn’t have grown so strongly. Applications before entering the ModDroid store will be tested and scanned for viruses to ensure safety

Does the application on ModDroid have a virus?

Definitely not. If you search the Internet, you’ll find that ModDroid is always suggested as the perfect replacement for Google Play. The app’s developers have worked hard to remove apps containing viruses and malware from their stores to ensure user safety.ModDroid does not contain viruses. So, you don’t need to worry that your device will be harmed.

Should I use ModDroid?

Of course, yes if you’re looking to download apps that aren’t available securely and for free. Or if you don’t want to download the app through Google Play, ModDroid is a name you shouldn’t ignore.

Is ModDroid free?

ModDroid supports users to use and download apps completely free of charge. Whether it’s copyrighted or gaming apps or games, you don’t have to pay anything.

Is ModDroid available on iOS?

As the name implies, ModDroid only works and is available on Android devices. Therefore, you cannot use this app on iOS devices.

Thus, the article has just shared with you information related to the ModDroid app, an alternative store for Google Play. You can now download any app you like through APP. Or if you don’t want to download the app through Google Play, it’s also a great one for you.